Cowards and Scavengers.

Is God a sensation? An experience? Bliss, calm, rapture and so on. Is attaining these states Meditation? And then there are these so-called tools to help us get there. Techniques, teachings, retreats, gurus, books, incense sticks what not? But can God be found in the clamour of the senses, the intellect. Or is it entirely beyond the reach of all these. So much mischief has happened in the name of God and Enlightenment. So many charlatans, so many games, so much ignorance, so much misery and strife. Unless man takes on the responsibility to awaken and arrive at it for himself, realization is never possible. Another can’t do it for one. It can’t be transmitted. It is always fresh and has to be come to – alone as oneself. Pure and awake. Not as from any creed, dogma or sect. It’s easy to lean on another. Laziness is pleasurable. But it is a second-hand existence. Spineless and cowardly. Completely lacking in self-respect and dignity. Woe unto the one with no courage. For he knows no love.

The ocean, as at this time of the day, was getting louder. Crows circling around in a distance glistening in the setting sun. There was a certain playfulness about them that we seem to have lost. The rising and falling and playfully chasing each other. How distant it has become to our nature. The waste-paper seller cycled along, hoping to make a living out of others’ wastes. Even as the squirrel looked on and the shadows lengthened. Is the Guru any different?


Ps: Watch out, even the anti-Guru is a new Guru.

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