Do the waves seek?

Do the waves seek? do the ever exuberant waves seek a future, a shore, an anchor? they are endlessly moving, but do they long for security? is tht why they move – the urge to become, to be safe. A flight of fear and an escape from emptiness. or is their movement a celebration? a dance for no reason, a shout and a song with no rhyme or rules.

Tonight the sea seems particularly rough. furious almost. she can be heard from a distance and even the air smells of salt. a storm has been predicted for the morning, and the rumbles have already begun. one hopes the poor in the city have moved to safer locations. the rich feel safe in their citadels. The storm is only a minor irritant to their seemingly secured lives. Illusion has many facades. The clock ticks silently amidst all this, unaware and methodically going about its job. So does the mind.


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