Its interesting how ‘watching the breath’ has been made into a technique. A formula for concentration. A process of narrowing down and exclusion in the name of one pointed attention. However, it appears that breath performs the opposite function if we are open to watching. A marvelous reminder of the beautiful rhythm in our body. ceaseless and continuous. rising, falling, and resting. what a miracle! A reminder of the totality of interconnection of all of existence. The air and the oxygen in it are made possible by a vast network of interrelationships involving diverse elements from far corners of the earth and beyond. The phytoplankton, ocean currents, earth’s gravitation, forests, temperature and pressure differentials, climates, sunlight, lil green leaves, soil chemistry, micro-organisms in them, our own lungs, the rate of combustion in the sun, distance of the earth from it, its spin, the big-bang, carbon sequestration by earlier life-forms, and many many processes that the mind hasn’t yet grasped. And once the air enters our body, another set of intricate processes convert it into vitality.. Its profound how everything is interlinked to everything else and makes this intricate life possible. And breath is the carrier of thisĀ prana. life. A simple and gentle and immediate reminder of the vastness of life and how blessed we are to be immersed in it. maybe we need to watch our breath not to get anywhere, but simply be silenced by its love.


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