Moses and The Promised Land.

There are at least four responsibilities of a Shaman, in my opinion. Call them Life Callings if you will:

–> To live on the edge.
–> Invite others to live on the edge.
–> Make it possible for them to live on the edge.
–> Commune on the edge.

What is the edge? – The edge is Solitude. The edge is Now. The edge is Life. God. Love. Its what makes us come alive. It is wild. and silent. It is fear, the quiet rush of blood and little trepidations before jumping off a cliff and learning to fly. It is also contentment, of listening to your heart. Doing what you are meant to be doing. Living your calling. This is the edge my friend, and its always new. Never certain. But there is nothing you’d want more. Trading it for some silly security doesn’t work and you know it. Welcome, we are hoping you can break on through to the other side. Surely and certainly. Firmly and confidently. Courageously and joyfully. Sure, it wont be easy. There will be challenges of no ordinary magnitude. But no rite of passage is child’s play. No bird learning to fly had it easy. It will hurt. But the hurt will also heal. And in the meantime the Hero (and the Goddess) would have arrived. And life won’t be the same anymore. The magic will come alive. Also the reverence. Oh yes, the smile too! And the cunning that knows no cunning, the courage that can rise over fear, and the strength that is compassion. The silence that is communion, and the humility that is love.

See you on the other side. Cowardice is suicide.

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