Mouna Ragam

All this is interpretation. Everything that is said. Even to say that it’s a story, a game, an illusion, dream etc. What do we know about this silence. We do not have the capacity to interpret it, or understand it. It’s better to just surrender to it. And rather not make tall claims about what it is. No Guru truly ever knows, and neither does no wannabe. Including this one. They are all charlatans, looking for crutches to lean on. To fill one’s fear and emptiness with whatever one can find. So its best to stay away from such ignorance. The relationship with God is direct. There is no role for middlemen in there. The real Guru is one who teaches without teaching. Points without pointing, and certainly takes no credit for it. Leave alone flood the streets with vinyl banners.

There is nothing to be taught, than what is already known. Nowhere to go, but here. No past nor future. Just Silence. And all else that arises from that Silence. May all beings and non-beings find its peace, and come home to their true nature.

Vedham Anuvilum oru Naadham. Nay not just Naadham; Raagam. All of Sangeetham. Brahmandam. And beyond.


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