Want nothing from me. As long as you want something, i won’t be able to provide it. Be on your own. As your own person. Stand on your feet. There is nothing that you already don’t have, that i can give. You are complete as you are. Whole and awesome. So live in that joy and celebrate that wholeness. Then a time might come, when all wanting will wither away. There will be no future to get to. No destination to attain. When the present is peaceful and perfect just as it is, perhaps then we are ready to bond. In every possible way. For until then we won’t have truly known love. Only those that know to wait know its glory. Not the wait of longing, but waiting as celebration. Not waiting as some proof or test, but joy and respect. To sublimate one’s desires in the service of the other – in genuine service of truth is the greatest gift of love. And sublimation is not suppression or sacrifice. It’s the offering away in purity. Like the sweet-smelling transformation of the incense stick. By the end, nothing remains of it. Yet the fragrance lingers on and its essence pervades every corner. The more we live in love, the more our fragrances merge in that gentle breeze that carries us all.

Its been a deep honour to have met you. Thanks!


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