The third kind of action.

Is there a third kind of action that is neither repression nor release? That is not conditioned by either want or dislike. An action that is not of the self, using another in thought or deed for its own fulfillment . If so, we must investigate what it is. For thats the kind of action that is needed today if there is to be a transformation in this society. A movement that is consumed by Truth, and Truth alone. An act that is not bothered with its own petty little self and its pleasures and insecurities. A preoccupied mind is entirely useless and breeds a lot of misery. It is dead and incapable of providing the creative expanse that is needed for a fundamental transformation. For that to happen something else is required. A quality of awareness that doesn’t exclude. And knows no belief. That is not bothered with the petty and its silly lil theories. That breeds not conflict. An awareness that doesn’t seek, but is. That which is silent and embracing. The space beyond the impulse. The eternal eye that is always awake. An awareness that is itself joy and the immeasurable source of all life. Only that alone can transform. All else along with their gurus and their stories is just hogwash. The limited can never grasp the unlimited.


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