The wild daughters of the earth.

When was the last time you saw a truly happy woman? They are even more rare than truly happy men. Full of pain, weariness and sadness, the women of today are a destructed lot. Chained, ground-down, coerced, intimidated, cautioned, instructed, ordered around, reprimanded, burnt, pierced, beaten, kicked, spat on, punched, ridiculed, talked down to, disrespected, raped, molested, letched at, disrobed by countless hands and many more eyes, repressed, used, abused, exploited, stifled, cornered, locked-up, killed, dirtied, unheeded, brutalised, numbed, dammed and damned, enslaved, sold-off, prostituted, tortured, silenced, abandoned, manipulated, denied, thwarted, shut-up, shut-down, taken for granted, unacknowledged, called names, insulted, owned, rented, traded, exchanged, trafficked, dumbed-down, decked-up, blinded, disempowered , domesticated, paraded around, glossed over, flaunted, invested in, packaged, branded, distributed, even franchised, cheated, betrayed, distrusted, mutilated, ignored.. phew!

These women are not just around us, but also within us. Every man has a woman inside him. If only he knew..


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