To Come or to Not Come.

Goal-oriented Intimacy (also known as Sex) is probably similar to Goal-oriented Spirituality. The mind is pre-occupied with the summit, and in the end all that remains is anxiety and empty disappointment. Maybe even a whole lot of sticky mess. With both, its important to learn to relax, breathe deep, be with the senses, play and savour each moment. The temptation to close eyes and race ahead with thoughts and fantasies is great. But it is important to stay in the moment and sink deeply into all that it has to offer. The warm moist depths and playful sandy beaches. Soft throbs of the heart and gentle dance of the fingers. Subtle tastes of the skin and profuse kisses everywhere.
Release is not the orgasm. Awakening is. For that one doesn’t need to get anywhere or blow anything off. Just Be Here, Now. and Come Alive.


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