Ode to Divine Nature

– Nirali


That night you sparked the all-consuming

Caress of light in the sky,

As if streaming awareness into the stars and trees,

While the moon bloomed brightly in my chest,

My body throbbed, as so did

The collective worlds of my experience;

My soul watered though without tears,

My mind trembled open as did the wings of a butterfly, though

Subdued in fears.


I thought I needed to know you, understand you,

In order to commune with you, yet always

Resisting your mystery;

But that night like a conquered lover,

Stabbed in a dark crevice of my aching spirit,

I had submitted to your esoteric power over me, while

You were gently drawing me closer to your core.


Alive, I stood in the tall woods, open and receptive,

As the moonlight held the trees in a tight embrace, and

The raindrops began to softly kiss the forest floor;

Emotions swelled up restless and taut,

Like lightening drifting from my head through toe;

Powerless and possessed I was reduced to water, melting,

Melting slow.


Like a river I began to flow wherever the wind would carry me,

Uncontrolled, undamed, unbridled;

Releasing the beauty of my soul, and

Drinking in the sweet secrets of your mystery;

I offered no resistance, no struggle, no doubts,

As I let myself go, I flowed…


Not trying to grasp you with my reason,

Not trying to protect,

Not trying to clench on to fragments of wisdom.

Rules didn’t bind me,

Morality, I couldn’t abide to anymore;

Like a wondrous river, with awe I dared into spaces never traveled before.


Uncontrolled, undamed, unbridled;

Learning you, tasting you, touching you constantly,

Feeling your truth with the openness of my soul;

I let myself surge forth, within and without,

Washing away, dissolving in the juices of my own ecstasy,

Till there was nothing to take, and nothing left to hold.


September 8th, Wayanad, Kerala



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