Waking up to the Universe

– Prabhakar

Just another day just another morn
Just one more turn to the earthly twirl
Gazillion moments since the big bad bang
Here I am finally; Finally awake !!

Who am I and what am I supposed to do ?
Who has sent me and what should I do ?
Born without wanting to be born
Trying to make sense of things
Here I am striving; But so are a billion more!!

Is there an answer? Is there Hope?
Who is right? Am I just a hoax?
It’s a long journey as I can see
Face it or fight it? Or must i flee?

Since all that “is” , must come to pass
So is life really, just a farce?

Thoughts like these run through my mind
Emotions and feelings of a different kind
But my time has come and I must sleep
No room for answers that I did seek
But here’s the Wisdom that I did not reap

You’re the one and you’re the all; the part, the sum, the all in all
So let “I “go and you will see; what is true and what is free
From dawn I came at dusk ill go; into the timeless i shall go
From dust I came and to dust ill go; into nothingness, I will flow


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