Some important Environmental Documentaries

The Movies with a # before them are ones we have and happy to share. So those who live in and around Chennai, please feel free to write in if you want any of these:

  1. Story of Stuff (20 minutes animated on Consumerism) – www.storyofstuff. com
  2. ‘Food Production and Population Growth’ -by- Daniel Quinn & Alan D. Thornhill (about Food)

#3. World according to Monsanto (GMO & Biz tactics of Monsanto to bypass regulations for profits)
#4. Future of Food (GMO in our foods)
5. King Corn (about GM)
6. Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods -by- Jeffrey M. Smith
7. Pig Business – UK (on livestock farming in US)-http://www. watch?v=gkd8uPFj Zfo
8. A Forest Garden Year (a documentary on Agro-Forestry based garden /farming – UK)
9. Food Inc. (about corporatization of Food & Food manufacturing)
10. Fast food nation (about Food and health)
11. Meatrix (about Industrial livestock farming)
#12. Super size me (about Food and health)
13. Flow (about Water – the most important natural resource and how it is abused /controlled)
14. Earth Days (about Environment)
#15. Living with Renewable Energy (on Renewable energy for families – small-scale production)
16. Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America (on large-scale Renewable green energy production)
17. A Delicate Balance – The Truth (is on the effects of diet on health and the environment)
#18. The Man Who Planted Trees (Animated documentary based on the famous story of Jean Giono)
#19. The 11th Hour (on global warming)
20. Life Running Out of Control (about GE /GM on plants /animals and its effects on environment)
21. What A Way To Go: Life at the End of Empire (about USA and their lifestyle – which we copy)
22. No Impact Man (one family’s journey in reducing carbon footprint –  living in New York city)
#23. Zeitgeist Addendum (about how Money is created – Fractional banking and controlling the world)
#24. The Corporation (about how Businesses controlling everything that we all touch)
25. Who killed the electric car (about how oil lobby killed alternative energy transportation in early 90s itself)
#26. The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (on economic collapse and recovery of Cuba)
27. Crude – The real price of oil (on destruction of Amazon rain forests for Oil by Chevron/Taxaco)
28. Up The Yangtze (about how mindless Industrialization spoiled Yangtze river)
29. Manufactured Landscapes (about urbanization and its problems)
#30. Fahrenheit 9/11 (about how 9/11 used to wage wars)
31. Sicko (about Health care system in US – India is following the footsteps of US)
32. Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids (For Adults)
33. The Secret life of plants (Film on the popular book of same name by Tom Hopkins)
#34. Home – (Full featured film on the mother of all earth – with no copyrights-free)
35. The Insider (a feature film on the Tobacco industry’s illegal means of business)
36. Roger & Me (about negative economic impacts of large corporations particularly GM)
#37. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies – (NatGeo educational documentary)
#38. The Age of Stupid
39. Silent Storm (about the deadly poison, Strontium-90 byproduct of nuclear testing in Australia)
40. Earth (2007 film)
41. The Cove (about killing of over 2500 dolphins in Japan)
42. FernGully: The Last Rain forest (1992) (Educational film  for children)
43. What Would Jesus Buy (on affluenza, over-consumption, addictive shopping etc.)
44. All Jacked Up (about foods and food habits of teenagers)
45. Capitalism: A Love Story (the names says everything about the movie)
#46. The Yes Men 2003 & The Yes Men – fix the world (2 films) (about politics-business nexus)
#47. Religulous (How organised religion breeds fanaticism /ridiculous religious stupidity – comedy)
48. We Buy, Who Pays? (on consumerism, affluenza and evn. problems)
49. Diverseeds (a documentary on the importance of Bio-diversity in agriculture & life in the plant)
#50. An Inconvenient Truth (about Global warming)

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