From Temptress to Goddess

– Manasi


The Woman as Temptress: For centuries now the woman and the feminine form have been placed within the archetypal role of “the temptress”. The power of the woman lies in her ability to seduce man, to play upon his desire. The enchantress, the witch…She is darkness itself.

The Woman as the Object of Man’s Desire: More and more the cultural myth has morphed from the woman being the temptress to the woman being the one that serves man. Women’s sexuality is now harnessed by man. Her body is exploited:
Painted with make-up and posted on billboards. Forced to conform, to fit a size zero. Fucked and raped, but never made love to. Torn and teased but never celebrated.

In both these roles I see the same fear pattern. The Woman as the Object of Man’s Desire emerges from the fear of the ability of the woman to seduce, to hold the reins of man’s pleasure. The awesome power of women’s sexuality and beauty is feared rather than revered and the fear of powerlessness bring about the necessity of domination.

What if there was another possibility?
The Woman as Goddess: What if we saw the beauty of the feminine as a manifestation of the divine? Her body becomes a temple, and entering it is an act of worship.
The woman holds her power not through getting man addicted to her form, but through the Grace of holding him and letting go: softly and slowly. When they come together it is sacred. When they move apart, it is love. Both body and soul are nourished and man and woman are fulfilled. The union of two is communion with all.

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