A request.

1) we think we are separate, when we are not.

2) our lives are in a mess because of that.

3) we are caught in a haze of perceptual falsehood. Its all a blur and we are lost.

4) when the mist clears, we realize its all one. with that seeing comes peace. And the humility to listen to the inner voice and obey.

5) unless we find this peace and listen to this voice, human affairs will continue to be in a mess. And it will only get worse.

6) how do we find this peace? There is no formula. Just be Sincere. Sincerity of the heart. Not the mind. (and remember Sincerity as a strategy or a means to an end is no sincerity at all.)

7) Will Mankind make it? i don’t know. maybe not. but who is to say? Its best we concentrate on that we are in control of. And leave the rest to God.

8 ) Is God an old man sitting up there or a woman with 5 hands? …..

9) Who are you? …..

We invite you to go into yourself and find out who you are. And all else. Life would be grateful for that effort of yours. Its a crying shame, that we are squandering away this wonderful opportunity called the Human form. An opportunity to experience life in many wonderful and unique ways. Please wake up. There is nothing more important you can do.

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