The universe is not just queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can ever suppose

– Prabhakar.

Our perception is based on our ecological past that evolved in a world that was relevant to us; hence in realms beyond our every day life (e.g. microscopic, macroscopic, multidimensional, quantum or relativistic worlds) we are left with no tools to sense, synthesize and make meaning

Science helps us here with microscopes, radio telescopes, particle accelerators to enhance the spectrum of our perceptual field of vision. More over Quantum theory, relativity help us understand and give meaning to what we perceive via our extracorporeal supra sensory perceptual systems.

However our ability to generate such theories themselves has evolved in a world that is relevant to us. Hence the thought that drives our theories and perception is in itself limited. It is limited by the world it was evolved to describe. It is limited by the degrees of freedom that is designed to detect. Hence any thing beyond the limits of our perceptual bubble is queerer than we can ever think of (suppose). Hence the universe is queerer than what we can ever suppose

Inspired by Richard Dawkins talk



‘coincidentally’ partha, maanu and i were talking a few nights ago on the possible presence of multiple cognitive/perceptual universes and fields of knowing, that we humans have probably no clue about and no way of knowing. it seems like a lot of arrogance then to stand from such a narrow perceptual base, and claim ourselves to be superior to all other forms – ‘living’ and ‘non-living’.

Check out this essay on a similar theme:

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