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Dear Self,


We are honoured by your presence. Thank you for taking the time out to be with us. ‘Silent Harmony‘ is a collaborative offering towards the radical process of Self-Enquiry. Human affairs are in a mess today, because we don’t see our true Nature. We carry a wrong idea of who we are, and all our relationships are based on that falsehood. Hence, we act selfish and for our own “good”, erroneously believing we are separate from all of life. This blindness is the cause of all violence on this planet. The perception of us being separate entities from all else. This would have to change if there is to be lasting peace in our way of life. Otherwise, we might very soon be extinct from the face of this earth.

This website is an offering to all in an effort to find themselves. There are no answers here, only questions. Please feel free to arrive at your own, and not take another’s answer at face value. Truth has to be discovered for oneself. Here you will find sharings of different kinds by various friends on their enquiry into themselves, the nature of reality, the happenings of the world etc. All these are only opinions and interpretations. Truth is beyond description. And yet, these pointers are deeply meaningful and valuable in their own ways. For these are truth too. As all else.

Please feel free to partake of this Communion. And you are warmly invited to do so. Feel free to also write back if you want to contribute something to this effort.

Thanks for gracing us with your presence. Wishing you a meaningful time here.


The ‘Silent Harmony’ family

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