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Awakening to Total Revolution.

Rain and the Rhinoceros.

The Lesson of the Humming Bird.

Letter to a Young Activist.

Love and Longing: The Feminine mysteries of Love.

The Bhikku and the Butterfly.

To Be Like Them.

Money and the Crisis of Civilization.

5 -Amazing Scientific Truths .

Qissa Khwani Bazaar Massacre

The First Chipko Movement, Khejarli, 1730 AD

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Tank Man at Tiananmen Square.


Some links on the nature of Knowledge and Learning:

What is Knowledge? What is Learning? How does it happen?

I think these are some of the most important questions of our times. As important as ones like what is Love, God, Truth? etc. Carl Rogers says “The most socially useful learning in the modern world is the learning of the process of learning”, and i feel even this is an understatement. To understand how the process of learning actually happens, and revisit the role of knowledge in our lives has become an urgent survival necessity. Humankind is at the very brink of extinction, and at this rate we will soon be over the cliff. Perhaps even before the end of our own lifetimes. The need for a total revolution has never been so pertinent, and learning lies at the heart of it. If we do not break out of the tyranny of knowledge, it might well be end of the road for a large majority of us if not for the entire species.- Naveen

‎”any formula that excludes or sup­presses the experience, knowledge, and adaptability of metis risks inco­herence and failure.”

The Art of the Locality

“The most socially useful learning in the modern world is the learning of the process of learning.”

Carl R. Rogers, Freedom to Learn (1969)

“Perhaps its chief weapon is symbolic thought, with its ascendancy in the form of language. Maybe the wrong turn we took as a species can be located at that milestone in our evolution.”

Another Way of Knowing: John Zerzan: Too Marvelous for Words (Language Briefly Revisited)

Technology with a capital T.

“Where do we come from?
What is the point of living?

Those people had found an answer to those questions. And we did not have the right to destroy that answer.”

The Betrayal by Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul -Full – French w/ Eng Subs

A scientist’s call for humility.

“But you may say: “Yes, but we have lived that way for a million years.” Consciousness and purpose have been characteristic of man for at least a million years, and may have been with us a great deal longer than that. I am not prepared to say that dogs and cats are not conscious, still less that porpoises are not conscious.

So you may say: “Why worry about that?”
But what worries me is the addition of modern technology to the old system. Today the purposes of consciousness are implemented by more and more effective machinery, transportation systems, airplanes, weaponry, medicine, pesticides, and so forth. Conscious purpose is now empowered to upset, the balances of the body, of society, and of the biological world around us. A Pathology-a loss of balance-is threatened.”

“These words gather shape more in the body than in the mind.”
Reflections- Jan 6th

Something about the energy of this..

Amazing Woman from Botswana plays a guitar like never before.avi.flv

A fascinating experiment, where he decides to give up talking for 8 months ’cause he considers words non-essential.

“I decided to try to find out what were man’s basic needs. I would live without most things I was accustomed to and see what it would be like. I decided to give up words; I would only say “yes,” “yes” to every question, nothing more, a nod of the head would usually suffice.” A Man Impossible to Classify, by Richard Whittaker

E-mail dialouges in 2008, on the learning societies conference listserve .

paradigms of knowing

The Future of Humanity:

Krishnamurti & David Bohm, The Future of Humanity, 1\11